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Hudson County Park at Laurel Hill (Secaucus)

This county park is familiar to many passing on the NJ Turnpike for its mass of volcanic bedrock rising 175 feet above sea level.  Many forces shaped this rock, from movement of the Wisconsin Glacier 15,000 years ago to blasting and mining in the 20th century. Laurel Hill once housed churches, a hospital, and a prison. It is said to have been the inspiration for Prudential Insurance’s “Piece of the Rock” logo and slogan. 

Today the park contains a public boat ramp, lighted ball fields and a river front walkway. It is operated and maintained by Hudson County Division of Parks.

Those interested in using Hudson County Park for boating, special events or photo shoots should contact the the Hudson County Division of Parks directly.

Thomas McCann
Director, Division of Parks
Hotline: 201-915-1386
Fax: 201-915-1385


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