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Kearny Freshwater Marsh (Kearny)

The Kearny Freshwater Marsh is a 310-acre* freshwater impoundment.  Access to this marsh is limited but can be seen from the Gunnel Oval Park off Schuyler Avenue in Kearny. 

The Kearny Marsh is mostly open water and is impounded on all sides from embankments that are part of railways and roads.  Mostly rainwater and runoff from the surrounding uplands drain into marsh.  Leachate from an old landfill that is positioned within the marsh has resulted in increased contaminant levels throughout the surface sediments.

The current restoration plan includes the re-establishment of emergent vegetation by managing water levels and stemming erosion, removal and disposal of contaminated surface soils, closure of the Keegan Landfill (a source of leachate), and installation of a water control structure and/or pumping station to manage water levels.

Kearny Brackish Marsh (Kearny)

The Kearny Brackish Marsh was acquired by the NJMC in 1999 for preservation and management purposes from the Town of Kearny.  It is located west of the S-curve in the Hackensack River in Kearny. It stretches from the river on the east to the triangle formed by the New Jersey Turnpike Western Spur and Belleville Pike on the west.  It is bounded on the north by the Conrail railroad, below the Sawmill Creek Wildlife Management Area.  The southeastern boundary is the Amtrak railroad.  Emergent vegetation has been mostly eliminated over the past 10 years and replaced by open water. 

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